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Herpetological Books, Papers, Magazines, Journals, Newsletters, Etc.,
For Sale.

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Herpetological Books & Papers.Herpetological Books, Papers, Museum Bulletins. - Updated Oct 2012

Bern Tryon Herpetological Library - Main Page. Includes links to both the Book List & the Reprint List, Titles which are for sale with all proceeds going to long term field work for the Southern populations of the Bog Turtle.- Buy a book - Help save a turtle!

Below are Individual Issues of Herpetological Society Journals and Bulletins

American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists.Copeia - Bulletin.

Antivenin Institute of America.Bulletin.

Arizona Herpetological Association.The Desert Monitor - Newsletter.

Association of Reptile Keepers of B.C. ARK'Type - Newsletter.

Bay Area Amphibian and Reptile Society.BEHIND BAARS - Newsletter

Bay Area Turtle and Tortoise Society.Turtle Power - Newsletter

British Herpetological Society.Journal

The California Turtle & Tortoise Club.the Tortuga Gazette - Newsletter.

Canadian Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Society.Newsletter.

Canadian Journal of Reptiles and Amphibians. The OphidioFile - Newsletter.

Captive Breeding magazine Devoted to the Captive Propagation of Reptiles and Amphibians.

Central Ohio Herpetological Society. the Herp-Logic - Newsletter.

Chameleon information Network. Newsletter.

Chelonia. Published Bimonthly.

Chicago Herpetological Society. Bulletin - Newsletter - Membership Directory.

Colorado Herpetological Society. Cold Blooded News - Newsletter.

Connecticut Herpetological Society .Newsletter

Delaware Herpetological Society .Newsletter

The Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee .Tortoise Tracks - Newsletter

Dutch Snake Society.Litteratura Serpentium - English Edition - Journal

El Paso Herpetological Society.Newsletter

East Texas Herpetological Society.Newsletter

Fauna Magazine.Magazine.

Gainesville Herpetological Society. Newsletter.

Georgia Herpetological Society. Bulletin - Newsletter.

Gopher Tortoise Council. Newsletter.

The Greater Cincinnati Herpetological Society.The Forked Tongue - Newsletter.

The Greater Dayton Herpetological Society.HerpWise - Newsletter.

Great Lakes Herpetological Society. Newsletter.

Herpetofauna Conservation International Ltd. Newsletter.

Herpetological Association of Africa. Journal.

Herpetological Society of British Columbia. Bulletin - Newsletter.

Herpetologists' League.Herpetologica.

Hoosier Herpetological Society.The Monitor - Newsletter.

Indiana University Axolotl Colony.Axolotl - Newsletter.

Idaho Herpetological Society, Inc.Idaho Herp News.

International Herpetological Society. The Herptile - Journal.

International Turtle & Tortoise Society. Journal.

IUCN/SSC Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force. Froglog, Frog Leg - Newsletters.

Kansas Herpetological Society. Newsletter.

Kentucky Herpetological Society. The Kentucky Herpetologist - Newsletter.

The League of Florida Herpetological Societies. Newsletter

Madras Crocodile Bank. Newsletter.

Maryland Herpetological Society. Bulletin.

Massachusetts Herpetological Society. Newsletter.

Minnesota Herpetological Society. Newsletter.

National Turtle and Tortoise Society, Inc.The Carapace - Newsletter.

New England Herpetological Society.HERPtales - Newsletter.

New Mexico Herpetological Society. - Newsletter.

New York Herpetological Society . Newsletter.

New York Turtle and Torotise Society. NYTTS Newsnotes - Newsletter.

New Zealand Herpetological Society. Moko - Newsletter.

The North Carolina Herpetological Society NC HERPS - Newsletter.

Northern California Herpetological Society. Newsletter.

The Northern Ohio Association of Herpetologists.Notes From NOAH.

North Texas Herpetological Society .Newsletter.

Ohio Herpetological Society Newsletter.

Oklahoma Herpetological Society Newsletter.

Oregon Herpetological Society OHS. - Newsletter.

Palm Beach County Herpetological Society Newsletter.

Pacific Northwest Herpeotlogical Society. Bulletin from old (1960's) society - Newsletter from new society

Philadelphia Herpetological Society. - Bulletin.

Reptile & Amphibian Magazine.Magazine.

Reptile Defense Fund. Striking Back - Newsletter.

Reptile Hobbyist - Magazine.Magazine.

Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist . Magazine

Reptiles MagazineMagazine.

Reptiles Magazine - Magazine Annuals.

Reptilia European Herp Magazine

Rocky Mountain Herpetological Society Newsletter.

San Diego Herpetological Society Newsletter.

Snake Keeper Newsletter.

San Diego Turtle and Tortoise SocietyVoice of the Turtle - Newsletter.

Society For the Study of Amphibians and ReptilesJournal of Herpetology - Herpetological Review.

South Australian Affiliation of Herpetological Societies. Bulletin.

Southwestern Herpetological SocietyBulletin - Newsletter.

St. Louis Herpetological Society. Newsletter.

Texas Herpetological Society. Newsletter.

Tucson Herpetological Society. Newsletter.

Turtle and Tortoise Education Adoption Media. T.E.A,M - Newsletter.

Turtle Hobbyist. Newsletter.

Turtle Trust. Occasional Paper - Newsletter.

Utah Association of Herpetologists. Intermontanus.

Utah Herpetologists League. Journal.

Varanid Information Exchange. VaraNews.

The Vivarium Magazine

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