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Our interests are varied. We plan, through this page to share our interests and information with our visitors about Longevity and Breeding of reptiles and amphibians in captivity, and the Western Pond Turtle in particular.

We also have Cameroon Art for viewing and list a few Herpetological and Nautral History books and papers that are FOR SALE. You are more than welcome to come in and look around.

Comments and/or suggestions are most welcome.


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Frank and Kate's Web Page

Frank's Duplicate Books. Main Index - Herpetological Books, Papers, Magazines, Journals, Newsletters, Etc - Which are all For Sale !!.

Bern Tryon Herpetological Library - Main Page. Includes links to both the Book List & the Reprint List, Titles which are for sale with all proceeds going to long term field work for the Southern populations of the Bog Turtle. Buy a book - Help save a turtle!

Western Pond Turtle Project
Information about the project including lots of photos, From the Ponds, bibliography, and much more.

Our Cameroon Art Project

Reptiles and Amphibians in Captivity - Breeding - Longevity
Contains captive breeding records from 1984 - 1997 for all species of reptile or amphibian.
We have decided to stop updating the breeding & longevity pages due to lack of interest from the private sector.

Current - Status of these pages.

Pond Turtle PageHerpetological Books for Sale Frank And Kate's Web Page Cameroon Art for SaleReptiles and Amphibians In Captivity
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