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Vol. 2 No. 2 - March 7, 2000

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The Bimonthly Electronic Newsletter of the Western Pond Turtle Project in Washington State

By Kate Slavens


The Bimonthly Electronic Newsletter of the Western Pond Turtle Project in Washington.

Vol. 2 No. 2 – 7 March 2000

Editor: Kate Slavens

ALTHOUGH OUR TURTLES are not yet out of hibernation, the field season has already begun. We were able to change transmitters on eight of the females hibernating on land and that is an impressive start. The official start to the field season is April 5 this year when we will be putting out all our traps for the mark and recapture. We also hope to have 28-30 females transmittered before telemetry season ends. Another goal is to have at least one transmitter on a head-started female from the 91-92 releases. We know of two males from that “class” that have reached sexual maturity, so the females should also be getting close. It will be an exciting day when one of our head-starts nests successfully.

OUR BUDGET continues to be strong, especially with the news yesterday that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has renewed their support for next year. Good work, Harriet. I’m just overwhelmed when I remember how this project started and how far we have come thanks to the support of so many organizations and individuals. Our brochure has also brought in several donations.

TO THE VOLUNTEERS WHO HAVEN’T RETURNED MY PHONE CALLS, I need to hear from you. Frank and I can’t do this project by ourselves and this is getting serious.

THE PUGET SOUND SURVEY will be scaled back this year to areas that were not well surveyed in 1999 and some new locations that bear promise. The new maps and survey forms will be sent out before April 1.

THE FIRST TEACHER’S WORKSHOP went without a hitch and was a resounding success. Thank you to Katie Remine and Margaret Whiting for all their work. We should have enough in the budget to plan for at least two more in the future. Thanks also to Kelly McAllister for his presentation on the Oregon spotted frog and other frogs in our area.

I N THE NEXT TWO WEEKS I’ll be busy gathering equipment for the field season and trying to complete the web page with the additional posting of a western pond turtle bibliography for those who are interested. Those of you who know of any additions or corrections, please let me know.

THE NEXT NEWSLETTER is scheduled for May 15 or thereabouts, when the trapping season is ended and we can provide totals and any other interesting news from that important time.

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