Western Pond Turtle
Clemmys marmorata marmorata

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Western Pond Turtle - Project Photos.

Turtle walking

Western Pond Turtle

Turtle with transmitter

Western Pond Turtle with Transmitter

Pond Turtle Habitat


This is a pond habitat. Many types of aquatic habitats are utilized by Pond Turtles

Harriet looking for turtles.


Looking for the turtle.

Turtle Eggs.

Pond Turtle Nest with Eggs.


Pond Turtle Nest with Exclosure.

Uno - Our First Head-started Pond Turtle

Young Western Pond Turtle

This youngster was the first head-started turtle released in 1991.

Turtle Holding Facility

Indoor holding

Indoor holding area at Woodland Park Zoological Gardens.

Outdoor Holding Facility at Wooldand Park Zoo

Outdoor holding

Outdoor holding area at Woodland Park Zoological Gardens.

T-Shirt design

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